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Tips for Creating a Supportive Meditative Dance Space.

If dancing is a new form of meditation for you, then there are a few things you might want to consider before you start.

Firstly remember that dancing has been around as long as humans have. You might feel completely awkward and uncomfortable, to begin with, but it is in your soul’s cellular memory and cellular body to dance as a form of ritual for trance, celebration, activation, and much more. As soon as you let go of the ego-mind and judgment, and surrender to the body’s desire to feel the music and express itself, you will open your own spiritual channel and connect with your higher self authentically. In other words; be present in the now moment – a meditative state.

Here are a few tips for creating a supportive space for yourself when you dance at home.

1. Be sure to have a room or space that is well ventilated and spacious. Move furniture out of the way if you can. I like to give myself about 2m x 2m or more to stretch out and move around. The garage is great, make sure the floor is padded with rubber matting though, rather than jumping around on a concrete slab.

2. Wear clothing layers that are light. You might start off cold, but you will definitely warm up once you get going.

3. Have a drink bottle or glass of water handy. It is imperative to stay hydrated, just like any form of exercise, the more you move, the more your body sweats, the more you lose water. Plus, you’ll be releasing toxins, physical and spiritual/energetic.

4. Mood lighting. Bright lights can be a little harsh and exposing. Close the blinds, draw the curtains and turn on a lamp or 2.

5. Create an alter or set an intention. Setting an intention for your Dance practice is just as important as doing the dance practice. You might like to set a little space on the table with a few crystals, a small candle, a vaporizer with essential oils, or light some incense and write a few words on a piece of paper eg; RELEASE, FUN, LET GO, or PEACE. Include whatever resonates for you, don’t overthink it, just trust what you feel and be guided. (You might like to read “Tips for Creating a Supportive Meditation Space”, for inspiration and ideas.)

6. Music. The music you choose is what the body wants to feel and express itself. Reflect back to songs or rhythms that always made your feet tap, your fingers click, or made you feel good inside. Personally, I love tracks with a lot of Bass and/or Drum in them. Create a playlist so you can keep the momentum going. When you book into the ONLINE Goddess Dance Circle, you receive a link to a playlist that I’ve created for the intended session. Spotify & iTunes, are a great place to start for music selections.

7. Breathe. Take 4 to 5 deep breathes in and out, to begin with. Stay focused on your breathe while the music is playing. Eventually, your body will move and express itself. Stamp your feet if you need to. Shake your hands, arms, or hips if you need to. Express yourself without thought. Just be. If your mind does wander off, come back to your breathing. I suggest a pattern of breathing in for 4, hold for 2 exhale for 6.

8. Journaling. After you finish your Dance practice, you may feel the urge to draw or write about your experience or the feelings that came up for you, or maybe you’d like to express yourself in another way. I recommend having a blank Art Journal/diary plus crayons/pastels/pencils and pens handy, so you can access them immediately while you’re still in the meditative space. I also suggest, close the journal once you have finished. Allow yourself space to process your dance & creative expression journey without intellectual thought & judgment.

9. Finishing up. Always give thanks for the space that was held for you, this will honor your soul & spirit.

10. Final Note. There are no rules, no judgment, and I recommend, no mirrors in your Dance/Meditation space. Allow yourself to be authentically you. It may take 2, 3, or 4 goes before you feel completely at ease with your Meditative Dance practice, especially if dance or meditation is out of your comfort zone. Remember, nothing worthwhile happens in the comfort zone, only stagnancy. Growth will be achieved by pushing out of the comfort zone and embracing the uncomfortableness.

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Happy Dancing. Be You. Be True. Be True To You.

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