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Yasmin's Light Studio

Sacredness. Sovereignty. Soul.

Welcome to Yasmin's Alchemy Shop, filled with beautiful handcrafted products for the soul, made in modest batches under specific moon phases to harness the sacredness of ritual and vibration. These amazing handcrafted spiritual tools have been created, blessed and intentioned for aligning your Heart and Soul.
Coming Soon ~ Intuitive Art pieces for sale. ~ Stay Tuned.

Signs You're Picking Up Collective Energy &/or Your Space Requires Clearing
* You feel tired and unmotivated for no reason.
*Everything in your life is going well, yet you can't shake a strange feeling of sadness or irritability.
*You find yourself worrying about things that usually don't bother you.
*There's an 'electric current' surging through your body, causing you to feel shaky and unsettled.
*You want to isolate yourself.
*You feel grumpy, or frustrated, and are picking fights with others.
*You're feeling stuck, and judgemental of yourself and others.
*The moment you walk into a room/house/space you feel depressed, heavy or uncomfortable.
*You notice when certain people enter the room the vibe changes &/or you feel discomfort.

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Please email for personalised handcrafted spiritual tools, bulk orders or queries on out-of-stock products.

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