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400gm Refill packs.

Keep your Aura Cleanse Salts topped up and ready to go by refilling your standard PET container. Less waste, less fuss, and better for the environment.

The Aura Cleanse Salt Collection has been a staple practical and spiritual tool for myself and my clients since 2014, when I was first guided to create these powerful alchemy tools.

The collective consciousness has advanced quite significantly, especially in the last 4 years, hence the need to improve the already powerful energetics and intention of the Aura Cleanse Salts Collection. They still contain a natural blend of Pink Himalayan Salt, Crystals, Sacred Symbols, and Source Light to keep your energy clean & vibration high. However, the new & improved Aura Cleanse Salts now also includes Epsom Salts to assist with relaxing and calming you physically and the powerful intentional blessings from both Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine divinities to assist you in stepping into your own sacred sovereign soul.

Use Aura Cleanse Salts daily as part of your self-care routine, and stand in your own light.

Each blend of Aura Cleanse Salts has been created with Universal love and during an optimal Moon cycle to assist you in maintaining high vibrations as your spiritual self evolves, gently & easily. For this reason, only small batches are created each time. Please contact me for larger amounts or personalised blends.


Directions for use:

*Bath - add to a running bath, 2-3 tablespoons include your own choice of herbs, flowers, and pure essential oils, then soak as long as required. *Shower - place, roughly 1 tablespoon in the palm of your hand and scrub over the body, starting with chakras/energy centres. Or, place above your head in a shower stream and allow the water and salt to wash down all over you. Be sure to stand on the salt to assist in absorbing negative energy out through the soles of your feet.

*Foot Soak - add 1 tablespoon in a bucket of warm water, include your choice of herbs and pure essential oils.

Be sure to gather the crystals after use and return them to nature by scattering them in & around your gardens for extra energetic love & support.

Refills Aura Cleanse Salts 3 Varieties

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