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Yasmin's Light Studio

Sacredness. Sovereignty. Soul.

"Don't be afraid to cry, it will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts."
~Hopi Native American Proverb

Soul Guidance

A Soul Guidance session is an opportunity to readjust back into your heart-mind and soul.

To make sense of the confusion and disorderliness that seems to be occurring at the moment.

To gain clarity, direction balance and confirmation of your true self.

In other words an Energy Reading from a Spiritual Advisor.

Ok, let's face it, you've reached this spot because you're either;

a) feeling a tad lost at the moment,

b) you're challenged or curious about a few things and would like clarity or

direction on the best way to move forward,

c) maybe you just need confirmation that you're on the right path for you.

If any of the above resonates for you, then a 1hr Soul Guidance session is definitely the way forward.

Allow Yasmin to assist you to unravel any confusion, dissect the lessons behind challenges and guide you with practical action steps you can take to support yourself on your path. To begin with, Yasmin will tune into you with your date of birth and the use of numerology. She will also use Oracle cards and the Tarot to aid with guidance and confirmation of the intuitive & psychic insights that come through as messages for you. Yasmin will cover and uncover a lot in 1hr, so make sure you have your questions ready.

In-Person at the Soulful Corner at Lisa Bishop's Store in Chiltern Vic, 

For Online sessions, it is recommended that you energetically cleanse your environment before you connect.

 Have a cup of tea or glass of water handy, maybe a pen and paper too.

Recorded Video Reading ~ RVR

Have you reached a point where you are feeling really challenged in a few area's of life, so much so you have talked yourself round & round in circles, creating confusion and lost transparency and faith. Maybe, you're not sleeping well, and everything seems BLAH. You really desire/need assistance, yet, you don't have time or simply are unable to attend an in-person or online session.

That's where a Recorded Video Reading{RVR} is ideal to gain perspective, guidance and peace of mind,

by receiving a channelled healing message for your head & heart.

 Maybe you have 1-3 burning questions you require answered for clarity and direction, please included them, however remain open to receive what your Heart and Soul call for, Soul Guidance straight from Source.

You'll feel balanced, comforted, and supported during a time of uncertainty and transition.

Energy received while watching your RVR is attuned to you and your vibration. Each time you listen to your messages, you'll collect waves of healing energy. Healing energy is transient, it moves through you. Meaning, words are channelled, personalised uniquely for you from a multi faceted perspective for healing and transmutation, as well as forward navigation.

How does a RVR work?

A lot goes on behind the scenes, honouring You and Spirit as I channel through your messages.

The whole process takes roughly 30-40mins per Soul Guidance Reading. I start by cleansing and clearing the space prior to every video reading, just as I do when you to come to my studio. I place you in a grid and meditate on your name, date of birth and questions, in order to tune in to your energy.

From there l press record then upload the video. Your RVR will be roughly 20-25mins.

You'll then be informed of a private link to your video which you get to watch at your leisure and as often as you like.

An RVR is available at 40% OFF for Yasmin Light Studio Members.

When you receive the Monthly Newsletter there will be a special 40% off Discount Code each month.

I look forward to connecting with you and your energy soon.

The turnaround for RVR usually takes take 3-5 days. Follow the prompts when booking, including the discount Code.

What People Say

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Karen H.

Intuitive, inspiring and accurate.

Guidance with love.

Cassie C.

Connection, grounding and down-to earth. You have helped me to go within and learn about myself and breathe deep. xxx

Kerry B.

Heartfelt, authentic,


healing and nurturing.

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