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Yasmin's Light Studio

Sacredness. Sovereignty. Soul.
Be strong enough to stand alone.
Be yourself enough to stand apart.
But be wise enough to stand together when the time comes.
~ Native American Proverb

Soul Groups / Circles


 You are a Soul currently living a human experience, and learning to connect with your innate wisdom every day. However, did you know when you gather together in circles, you expand your knowledge, embrace each other, and awaken your heart felt truth. As a Soul, you fill yourself and the collective consciousness with pure unconditional love,

therefore raising the vibrations for the greater good.

Yasmin holds a beautiful safe and nurturing space for every soul to grow and expand, with a very practical, hands-on and fun way of guiding, teaching and transmuting

Whether you are ready to dive into Meditation, Sacredness, Self-Love, or Intuitive Art Healing , you'll discover more about yourself, your innate gifts and how to nurture yourself through change.

  Monthly or weekly, group circle work is powerfully intentional, supportive and sacred. 

Soul Circles


Guided Healing Meditation Chiltern

4wk Meditation basics.

Starting again in October

Chiltern Neighborhood House

Women's Spiritual Circle

Weekly Spiritual circle for support, growth and healing.


Soul Inspiration Circles


Healing Retreats

Reboot, Realign, Refresh and Reconnect your heart and soul creatively and energetically over 2 days and 2 nights. 


Monthly Women's

Circle - Chiltern

Soulful, Spiritual, Sacred.

Approximately 2hrs.

Time and Date TBA

What People Say

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Shelley. M.

"Spiritual Development with Yasmin has been an exciting, safe, and non-judgemental journey to the soul within a beautiful and sacred group of participants. With a focus on unconditional love and positive healing energy, Yasmin has paved the way for us to connect with our highest selves. I now have a deeper understanding of the universe and my place within it."

Lauren. A

"The online course has awakened all of my senses and given me permission to explore my spiritual path. Though daily meditation, visualisation, alchemy and developing my intuition. I’m so grateful to Yasmin for holding space for our soul tribe every week! 

I feel so much clarity in my journey, physically and spiritually.
Thank you Yasmin, what an amazing experience! I would definitely recommend online learning."

Lea. D.

"Yasmin’s course has allowed me to broaden my spiritual awareness in an environment that is non judgmental and filled with unconditional love. I feel totally safe to explore my inner self and belief with the support from Yasmin and fellow participants. Her sacred learnings is truly a journey to uplift and to embrace gratitude and nurture ourselves. This is a journey for life...a life filled with exceptional love, happiness and JOY! For this, I’m forever grateful to Yasmin. Namaste ."

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