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Yasmin's Light Studio

Sacredness. Sovereignty. Soul.
Looking behind, I am filled with gratitude.
Looking forward, I am filled with vision.
Looking upward, I am filled with strength.
Looking within, I discover peace.
~ Quero Apache Prayer

Guided Healing Meditation

CHILTERN, Victoria.

Starting October 11th at the Chiltern Nieghbourhood House, 11 Main Street, Chiltern.

Is it time to quieten your mind, focus on your breathe, and reconnect with your soul?  Let's walk together, ethereally in guided healing meditations to energetically shift old programming's and help you to truly walk your heart felt path.

Whether you are new to meditation, haven't meditated for a while, or struggle to actually meditate, there are a few basic, yet very important practical steps and spiritual tools to consider, which we'll discuss during the 4wk mini course.

Meditation is a fantastic skill to have and strengthen, especially in a group / circle work.

 No matter where you are, or what is happening around you, to drop into a meditative space can be simple and effective in diffusing any emotional turmoil that might arise.  Meditation is also great for sleeping, calming the overactive mind and balancing different emotional states.

This is for you if you are just starting out, want to step back in, or feeling confused about your path at the moment. Guided Healing Meditation is a safe space where you will feel supported for gently embodying your heart and walking your truth.

More information available by clicking the links below,

or Book-In a Discovery Call. 

Wednesdays: 10:30am for 75mins

Starting October 11th 2023. $15 per class

     To stay in the loop of the Chiltern Guided Healing Meditation, be sure to join the YLS Monthly Newsletter or head to the Contact Page and express your interest.


Women's Spiritual Circle

When Women gather together in circle, support and growth are profound.

Women's Spiritual Circle is a dedicated commitment to your spiritual self as well as expanding the light in the collective.


2023 is a 7 year, which resonates with spirituality, healing, creativity and the soulful path. In 2023 our spiritual focus is working with sound affirmations for personal power, creativity, self-awareness and self-love through sound healing with mantras. Each term we will be working with a different Healing Mantra, dedicating time and energy each week to chant together about the intention behind the sacred sounds. Followed by discussions on the energetic shifts that are occurring both individually and collectively. We will be working with the book "Healing Mantras" by Thomas Ashley-Farrand as our reference.


 We gather together weekly to cleanse, heal & align our energy centres with various group healing techniques. We create and build a support network with and for each other by holding space through energetic shifts with meditation, intuitive insight and group healing. If you are an energy practitioner or have studied energy, or if you have been meditating for 2 years or more, consistently, then this is your Soul Tribe Circle. 
Before each weekly gathering online, it is imperative to set your space and prepare for our energy portal for this reason the powerful Sacred Circle Portal Activating Spray is included in each term cost. As energies shift and evolve so to must we.

Term dates and fees located on the Book-In Page information. 

*Includes Sacred Circle Portal Activation Spray $45 plus postage.

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Fiona M

Yasmin is one of the most authentic healers that I have come across; she walks her talk. She provides gentle loving support and guidance. I have seen Yasmin for many years now and thoroughly recommend her circles, services and her products. (I have given many as gifts).

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