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What is a Full Moon Ceremony by Yasmin Chambers

What is a Full Moon Ceremony?

A Full Moon Ceremony is a practical yet spiritual honoring and connecting with the Earth, Luna, yourself, and the stars, by taking advantage of auspicious planetary alignments to assist in your personal growth. As the moon is fully illuminated, it highlights a time to release and let go of challenges. With a willingness to surrender, you open up to allowing your true manifestations to come to light.

During a Full Moon Ceremony there are several segments, each step a vital part of the process.

To begin with, there is an introduction and opening prayer to set intention for the ceremony.

A short and simple grounding meditation follows to bring everyone in the circle/group to the same energetic vibration.

Then a discussion on the particular moon cycle, the astrological energies and how they can influence/support us.

Next comes the writing section where there is time to write out your concerns, worries, stresses or challenges you desire to transform or let go of.

The Ritual segment is outside and includes the medicine of plants and the elements of fire and air to purify and clear the old stagnant energy, otherwise known as the Release phase. During the release phase dance or movement is included to literally and physically shake out/off what was just energetically purged.

Heading back inside to regroup with affirmations to support the rewiring of your mindset to move forward positively and courageously.

Followed by a short creative visualization to assist in creating your intentions,

and an oracle massage to inspire you on your new path.

Before the Closing prayer there is a brief discussion on what to expect over the coming days and weeks along with tips to help make your transformation as smooth as possible.

After the Ceremony we celebrate together with homemade eats filled with love, specially created to nurture your heart, soul and stomach.

Overall the Moon Ceremony event including the celebration with food and drink, is roughly 3- 3.5hours.

What are the benefits of a Full Moon Ceremony?

Aside from a wonderful opportunity to gather with like minded others to have fun, a Full Moon Ceremony is a safe space to acknowledge your own personal and spiritual journey. As there is so many different aspects to the ceremony, you have to chance to express yourself privately within the group and connect with your heart and soul in a safe space. At no time are you required to share, unless you choose to, if it feels right for you.

You will definitely feel lighter energetically, mentally, and emotionally, after a moon ceremony. If not immediately, over the days following. It usually feels like a weight has been lifted and your body fills with warmth.

Your perspective may alter or shift slightly allowing for new opportunities, thoughts and beliefs to propel your forward.

Some people have an emotional release by purging old tears, whether it is expressed during or after the ceremony, know that if you, "get the tears you are in the clears".

Your natural spiritual gifts and senses may be activated or heightened, allowing you to connect more fully with your own higher self.

Physically, more often than not, you will feel a strong urge to clear clutter and toxicity from your life. Be it a room, a cupboard, your emails, old projects that were never finished, cutting out people or connections that no longer serve you, or detoxing your body for a few days.

Overall, there is a deep inner feeling or knowing, that everything is going to be ok, no matter what the outcome.

How do I know if a Full Moon Ceremony is for me?

Firstly, if you are resonating with what you are reading, meaning it feels good in your body, then a Full Moon Ceremony is for you. Trust your spidey senses. However, it is important to remember what your intention is everything. Having an open mind and heart is paramount, as is being honest with yourself and where you are at on your journey.

Alternately, if you are ready to step into self empowerment, to let go of drama, confusion and stagnancy a Full Moon Ceremony is ideal to get the ball rolling. If you are ready to make changes in your life by working in partnership with the Universe to remove obstacles, both self imposed and otherwise, a Full Moon Ceremony is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with your truth.

Lastly, if you haven't connected with your spiritual self in a while or you desire to embrace your spiritual journey, a Full Moon Ceremony is an excellent and safe space to do so.

For more information and follow up support after you book into a Moon Ceremony, be it Full Moon, as per this discussion or New Moon, you will automatically be added to the Moon Musings Online Group connected to Yasmin's Light Studio website. A safe and balanced place for all things Moon related.

Finally, with so much love and excitement I'm pleased to say that as of May 2023, Moon Ceremonies are being held at the Watchbox Winery in the Indigo Valley, North East Victoria . Jemma, co-owner and hostess at Watchbox has opened her arms to holding Moon Ceremonies as a beautiful way to bring heart felt communities together to support spiritual and personal growth. Thanks to Jemma, we will be finishing each Moon Ceremony celebrating with yummy homemade delights to nurture your heart, soul and stomach, along with a nip or sip taster. Be sure to book your spot early for catering purposes and to secure your seat. For more information about Moon Ceremonies and the phases

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