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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

New Moon in Gemini

●●Heads up Moon Revellers●●

It's that time again when lovely luna shows us her dark side.

This weeks New Moon will peak in the sign of Gemini on Thursday 10th June at roughly 8:50pm AEST. Not only is it a New Moon, it is a solar eclipse. The full moon just past, 2 weeks ago, was a luna eclipse and wasn't it a beautiful sight to see here down under! You may have noticed alot of shift happening, for yourself & with others around you lately, that is a natural course of action in any eclipse phase. It may have been a tad intense for you, but know it will start to lighten up as of next week.

So what does the New Moon in Gemini hold?

Well, let's start by saying the Sun is also in Gemini, which means there is alot going on in our heads at the moment. Gemini is an Air element and the sign of the twins. Duality which leads to choices. The positive energies of Gemini are a great creative influence of writing, music, poetry, journaling, and discussing many different points of view. The lower energies of Gemini drop us into fear, worry, over thinking, judgement, obsession and clouded heads. For this reason, be-ing the observer at this time and over the next few days will definately work in your favor. Remember to drop into your heart space regularly as a matter of daily practice, in order to rise above the heavy-duty headspace people will be prone to slip into & stay.

As it is still a Mercury Retrograde at this time also, any decisions that you need to make, I highly recommended to take a few deep breaths, feel into what resonates for you, NOT what logically sounds like a good idea. You'll thank yourself for down the track.

Whenever the moon is in the sign of Gemini, you'll want to be more social, chatty, flirty and flighty - having trouble sitting still.

I facilitate a Monthly Meditation on the 2nd Thursday of the month Online via Zoom. It is a guided healing meditation, this week it falls on the New Moon. It is a powerful time to gather together and focus on healing, yourself & the Earth. I'll pop the link in the comments below.

May your head assist your heart in aligning with decisions that are for your highest good and well-being.

Brightest blessings and Namaste.

Yasmin 🙏💖💫

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