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○○Head's Up Moon Revellers○○

Saturday 24th July, roughly 12:40pmish AEST, Luna will be fully illuminated in all her loveliness! This month see's us influenced by Aquarian energies. Aquarius is an Air sign, known as a water bearer. Meaning communication is very important but can often be influenced by emotional wounds or triggers, especially over the coming days. I encourage you to be open, open hearted, and open minded. There maybe lot's of information around suggesting, possibly directing you, to see/think/feel a certain way, try to remain open to other perspectives, as there is no hard & fast rule at this time. We are in the midst of great global change and transformation, it will take us a while transitioning into new beginnings and embracing new ways of be-ing. It is the Age of Aquarius after all.

So remember to breathe deeply throughout the day, in for 6 hold for 3, out for 9 at least 3-5 times. Doing so means you'll find other's skepticism, and argumentative behaviours will roll off you. As for the rebel in us all, let loose, but do no harm, you'll be surprised at how refreshed you may feel.

Overall, this Aquarian Full Moon will definitely bring old outdated ways of thinking and doing to light. The question is, do you want to perpetuate the old or be part of the new ripples of change?

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