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Tips for Creating a Supportive Meditation Space.

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

It is important to remember that you can actually meditate anywhere, however, to get the most out of your meditation experience, creating rituals to honor yourself and the energy around you by setting an intentional space for meditation will certainly assist you on many levels and will only enhance your meditation practice, making it easier each time to "slip" into a meditative space.

This list is only a suggestion, take or leave whatever does or doesn’t resonate with you.

1. Energetically cleanse yourself and/or space. ~ Personally, I always start by energetically cleansing myself & the environment. I begin by using a Tibetan bowl or brass bell, as the high-pitched sounds completely shatter any heavy or negative energies. I then follow that with smudging. Smudging can be as easy as lighting an incense stick, using ritual incense, or lighting a Sage leaf or Palo Santo stick. Remember, it is your purest intention to clear yourself and your space of heaviness, therefore stay focused on your heart center and ask your higher self to bring in the energies of pure unconditional love.

2. The room temperature is best at a moderate warmth. Have a blanket or shawl handy if you get cool. In the cooler months, I recommend socks on.

3. Sitting is preferable to lying. To get the most out of your meditation practice, sitting in an upright, yet comfortable position either on the floor/ cushion or on a chair. Lying down to meditate is best if you wish to drift off to sleep.

4. Gentle meditation music. If you are joining in one of my guided healing meditations online via Zoom, I suggest have your favorite instrumental music set up ready to go on another gadget.

These next items are suggested to bring in sacredness; respect for yourself & spirit.

Place on your altar/table or close by, the following items:

5. A glass of water. Representing the element of Water ~ your emotions and your ability to flow, cleanse & let go. It's also great to stay hydrated.

6. Crystal(s). Representing the element of Earth ~ your ability to heal, ground, give & receive, be present and practical. Amethyst, Clear Quartz, & Lapis Lazuli are great all-rounders for enhancing meditation.

7. A lit Candle. Representing the element of Fire ~ your ability to be creative, adapt, ignite passion, and burn away what no longer serves. Plus, candlelight creates a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere.

8. Incense/ vapouriser. Representing the element of Air ~ your ability to breathe, focus, observe and rise above. Certain aromas create chemical reactions in the brain to assist with peacefulness, tranquillity, and be-ing calm.

9. Pen & paper/meditation journal. Meditation can bring up many different things for different people. Jotting down what you felt, saw, or imagined is a wonderful way to help you process or look within. Also, a great way to reference any patterns in your meditation.

10. Oracle Cards. A very simple and easy-to-use spiritual tool that assists in gaining clarity, understanding, and direction. I like to use oracle cards with a description or affirmation to support me over the coming days as I integrate my meditation.

11.God/Goddess or Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine. I love to bring in both aspects of spirit. The balance of Yin & Yang supports us every day, especially when we acknowledge both equally.

I hope these tips help you create a supportive meditation practice. You might like to join in my Thursday Monthly Meditation Online. It is a guided healing meditation, run on the 2nd of the Month. Bookings open 2 weeks prior.

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