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The Art of Self-Love Workshops Series.

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The Art of Self Love Workshop Series is an empowering and healing journey on all levels, emotionally, physically, mentally, creatively, and spiritually, culminating with a stronger acceptance and better understanding of ourselves and our path. As well as energetically charged healing art pieces.

In each workshop, we will be focusing on a topic/theme to embrace and embody, and the intention of self-love. Healing & activation of each intention will begin on the day of the workshop with energetic transmissions, then throughout the month, integration of healing frequencies via practical action steps and exercises. Subtle change will occur on various levels if focus on the healing transmissions. However, it is the action steps and exercises that will completely rewire, reprogram and empower Self-Love, therefore stepping into the divine human self, your sovereignty. Honoring the art of self-love, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically.

Being creative means different things to everybody. Whether we can or can’t draw, paint, or create, matters not. During the journey of art and self-love, we will be cultivating a deeper connection to ourselves, therefore our intuition.

Art is just one of the tools we are utilizing to practice & attune our self-awareness. We will be working energetically to gently, gracefully, and supportively reprogram our belief systems, embracing ourself more wholeheartedly each workshop and throughout the year.

During these workshops old stuff will resurface, this is a natural part of the journey, for this reason, there is a 20% discount on 90min personal Soul Guidance & Healing Sessions, either in-person or online via video call, to help with the processing, integration, and transformation. Working with group energy is supportive and amplified, backing that up with 1:1 sessions will always assist in clarity, purpose, and moving forward fearlessly on your journey.

What is included in The Art of Self-Love Workshop Series?

If you are ready to STEP INTO YOUR LIGHT in 2021, then this year is the perfect time to start new projects, access new ideas, and give birth to new conditions. The perfect time to embrace change & transition with an open heart. The Art of Self Love Workshop Series is the opportunity to rebirth your soul and align with your heart. A journey of reconnection to your truth. Once a month we gather together in person, in a sacred circle of intention, healing, light activation, Meditation, Art therapy and creative play.

All of your materials are included, in the investment price, Except your A3 Visual Art Journal- AND A4 folder for collecting handouts. Please purchase prior to 1st session.


* Energy Transmission, Light Activation, Clearing & Healing Meditations each month. * 5-hour Hands-on Workshop * 1 x 40x40cm Canvases

* Practice Canvas * 1 x Healing Heart Crystal for your artwork.

* Crystal chips * Use of All paints, pastels & drawing materials

* Other Art & Craft supplies

* Monthly handout sheets

* A 20% discount on 1hr, & 90min Soul Guidance & Spiritual Healing Sessions with Yasmin throughout the month.

*Private Facebook Group Includes~

*Reminders for workshop dates. *Affirmations in harmony with each month’s topic.

*Complimentary Tea/coffee/water

** Please bring with you a plate of food to share for lunch**

When is The Art of Self-Love Workshop dates?

The Art of Self Love Workshop Series is a 5hr workshop is each month.

There are ONLY 8 spots available each month.

Sundays 11am- 4pm Each month we focus on 1 aspect of self-love. March ~ Acceptance – Sun 21st April ~ Nurturing - Sun 25th May ~ Wild Woman Warrior - Sun 23rd June ~ Inner Goddess- Sun 13th July ~ Inner Child - Sun 18th August ~ Ritual - Sun 8th September ~ Joy - Sun 19th October ~ Creation/Creativity – Sun 24th November ~ Action - Sun TBC December ~ SELF LOVE - Sun TBC

Please note: These dates have been chosen specifically around the moon phases.

How much is The Art of Self-Love Journey Workshops?

There are 2 different payment options. Both require a $50 deposit to confirm

OPTION 1 ~ Pay As You Go = $188 per workshop.

OPTION 2 ~ 3 Workshops Offer ~ Purchase 3 workshops in advanced & save your spot to the ones you really want to attend. = $465 ~ Save $99!

Deposit to be paid by Direct Transfer or Paypal. Balance is Cash or Direct Transfer on the day of your workshops.

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