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Moon Musings

○○Head's Up Moon Revellers○○

This Wednesday 26th May around 9pmish AEST, lovely Luna will be fully illuminated, in the firey sign of Sagittarius.

It will also be a total luna eclipse, and a super moon, meaning it will be very close to Earth, therefore appearing bigger than usual.

May's full moon is called a Flower Moon.

So we have a, Super Full Flower Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius. What a mouthful!

Ultimately, eclipses bring old emotional stuff up to the surface to process, so if you find yourself stuck in a pattern or reoccurring theme, you might want to take a deeper look at it to acknowledge, accept and release. With the influence of Sagittarius, the firey, straight talking, no mixing words, 'a spade is a spade' energy, you'll find yourself, or others displaying a slightly more tactless behaviour, coming off as defiant and bordering on egotistical. Breathe. Deep breathes. Several deep breathes. You've got this.

Full moon energy tends to amplify things that are out of balance. Hence why staying grounded, hydrated and calm is particularly important at this time.

Sagi energy will stir your passionate desires & definitely help you stay focused, but be sure you're not so diligently focused you miss signs from your higher self.

Connect with nature over the next week, daily preferably, to assist you.

I'll pop a link in the comments to a short video about the super full moon, by

If you are challenged with life, clarity, & understanding your energies & soul purpose at this time, check out my "Intense Times?" Soul Guidance Mentoring sessions, I'm here to assist you.

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Yasmin Chambers
Yasmin Chambers
May 24, 2021

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