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Honouring Your Inner Goddess with the Moon Cycles

The Moon cycles are a really big part of Spiritual Alchemy. When we take advantage of the lunar vibrations we are often more successful in achieving the healing results we intend. Moon energy is deeply entwined with Goddess Energy, your own inner goddess. Be it male or female, we all have masculine & feminine energies within ourselves. When we recognise & honour both aspects, we become more whole as a soul.

The cycles of the moon are the ebb & flow of energy. We cannot always be up, happy, doing, working - the Masculine or God energy. In order to create balance within ourselves & the balance around us, it is important to respect & integrate the Feminine/Goddess energy as well.

Below is a brief summary of the 4 main phases of the moon. May you honour yourself and your healing journey by taking advantages of lovely luna's energetic influence.

A New Moon, for example, is when the moon is dark, it is in a renewal phase, an optimal time for planting seeds for new beginnings. Be gentle & nurture yourself as your energy grows.

A Waxing Moon is the first quarter, the moon is building in size & vibration which makes it a perfect time for bringing in what you require eg; energy, support, resources, assistance & information.

A Full Moon is at its peak of illumination, a terrific time to bring enlightenment around all things, waves of psychic insight & increased sensitivity will occur. Get ready to release what no longer serves you. 1- 3 days before a full moon is also the perfect time for instant manifestations.

The Waning Moon tells us to reject, release, relax and retreat. Rest up and be gentle with yourself as you let go of all things that no longer serve you. Remember, when you release things, whatever that may be, it is important to refill that space with joyful, positive intentions & energy.

Stay tuned for Moon Ceremonies & Rituals In-Person at the Light Studio & Online. Many Moon Musings,

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