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Moon Musings

A fortnightly blog, sharing information & ritual tips about the energies of the New Moon & Full Moon.

Starting with Zodiac year of 2021 New Moon in Aries with Aries Sun.

●Heads Up Moon Revellers●

A New Moon in Aries is upon us on Monday 12th at 12:30pmish, AEST.

What does this mean?, aside from the opportunity to plant seeds for manifesting.

It means, take action on your desires pronto. With the Sun also in Aries, the Universe is emotionally & physically prompting you to move forward fearlessly. You may feel super keen to start new projects, especially when involved with others. Venus & Mercury along with Chiron are dancing together in a collaborative way, that will assist you in healing old wounds around relationships, as long as you are open & honest with your communication. An opportunity may present itself out of the blue, so it's best to be courageous and dive right in. Speak your truth assertively, compassionately & slightly detached. You've got this! Speak up and make change, even if it is a small step, do it. You just might empower yourself.

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