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Learn to Trust Your Intuition


Your intuition is that small voice you hear, that feeling you get, or that knowing you have when something is resonating or repelling. We all have these gifts of feeling, seeing, knowing, and hearing, every single one of us. Some people are more naturally aligned with all or some of these gifts. Some people have occasions where they "get it", and others are totally oblivious to all sensitivities.

How do I trust myself, or intuitive hunches? I hear you ask, well ultimately, it does take time, practice & dedication to yourself. It's not going to miraculously happen overnight, as much as you want it to. Learning to trust yourself & your intuition requires you to connect with a part of yourself that you may have kept hidden or tucked away, for a variety of reasons. However, when you are ready to open up, you will feel an overwhelming urge to discover more about yourself, the universe, what signs are, see reoccurring number sequences, learn about energies, crystals, aromatherapy, and many more esoteric topics. The most important part of learning to trust your intuition is allowing yourself space & time, without judgment, to discover for yourself what it is that your soul is calling you to.

Meditation is the backbone to developing your intuition & learning more about yourself.

In the dictionary, Meditation is described as "continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation." There are, however, many different types of Meditation, for instance, guided meditation, where you are guided by a third party to visualize a scene or journey. Guided meditation is using your imagination to create, in your mind's eye. Active meditation is where you are physically active, for example, a workout at the gym, where you are so focused on what you are doing, that you, zone out. The way I explain meditation is, whatever you enjoy doing, you become so very present in the now moment with it, that time goes by without you realizing it, as all other thoughts fall away, that you open up to the current experience, and receive ah-ha moments. Think back to a time when you have had those moments yourself?

When learning to trust your intuitive senses, regular meditation is highly recommended, as you develop the ability to let go of outside influences or distractions, and reconnect with your inner guidance system, your intuitive self. Meditating on your own is great, it does take discipline, a great deal of discipline. There are many great Meditations on YouTube to listen to. However, Meditating in a group is an amazing way to amplify the group intention, therefore increasing the ease and flow of your own connection and intuition.

Another tip for learning to trust your intuition is writing down all experiences you've had that appear like synchronicities, coincidences, or when you've had a sense about something, you followed through with it, and what happened as the result. For example, when I first started to really connect with my intuition, it was way back in the '90s, I decided to take a small notebook with me where ever I went to jot down all the strange experiences I was having, keeping a record so to speak. The more I wrote down, the more experiences I was having. The more experiences I had, the more I recognized my intuitive gifts and came to embrace them. I also really began to enjoy meditation.

As a Meditation Facilitator & Spiritual Teacher for over 10years, I absolutely love watching people reconnect with their heart & soul. Opening & embracing their own natural gifts & talents. We are all sensitive, some of us are more sensitive than others. Sensitivity is a superpower, are you ready to embrace yours?

At the Light Studio this year, Monday night's starting February 15th is the Spiritual Development Course. It runs for 18weeks, with time off during school holidays. The class starts at 7:30 pm -9pmish, some sessions will be longer. Along with learning about different spiritual and energetic topics, meditation will be the consistent training to reconnect with your intuitive wisdom. The cost of the course is $795, including a basic spiritual tool kit. This can be paid via a payment plan or a lump sum investment of $745. Follow the link below to read more or book in.

Thursday morning starting 25th February, is a Beginners Meditation Class. It will run per school term, from 10:30 am-11:30 am. During this class, we focus on Guided Meditations for healing and learning about energy centers. A gentle & fun way to step into meditation. For more information or to book in, head over to Soul Circles on the Soul Group page.

Tuesday evenings is Advanced Meditation and Sacred Circle. If you have been meditating for over 2 years consistently, are a health & well-being practitioner, or feel you are ready to dive deeper in your spiritual development, then reach out, let's talk more about your journey. Book in a complimentary 15min Video appointment today.

Where ever you are on your journey of trusting your intuition, may you feel with your heart & soul, your truth, with the utmost of certainty.

Brightest blessings & Namaste,


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