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Sacredness. Sovereignty. Soul.

"O' Great Spirit, help me to always speak the truth quietly,
to listen with an open mind when others speak, and
to remember the peace that may be found in silence."
~ Cherokee Prayer

What's on at the Light Studio?

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Hello and welcome,

 You've come to the right place if you have been feeling, or thinking that you are now ready to resolve, heal and change anything that is outdated, unbalanced or no longer resonates with you.

You have possibly come to the realisation that there are patterns and obstacles that have challenged you on your journey and you are now ready to change them.

You are also beginning to accept that there is more to life than duties and drama, and recognise that spirituality is a facet of life that has long been ignored.

With this new awareness you are ready to clear out the energetic clutter that has bogged you down & no longer serves you, be that past-life trauma, ancestral wounds or un/intentional negative attachments from current misunderstandings. 

You are now ready to embody, embrace and empower yourself through love, acceptance, and self-care, with the assistance of energy healing, soul guidance and reconnecting to Earth.

Your human experiences exist for the growth & evolution of your soul. Your spirit already knows the way.

At the Light Studio, together we set your soul free of limitations, either self perceived and/or coded in your cellular memory, to allow your spirit to shine.

Now is the time: To be you ~ authentically. 

To be true ~ intuitively. To be true to you ~ joyfully.

In Sacredness, Sovereignty and Soul.
Namaste, Yasmin

What people say.

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“ You gave me hope and strength. I felt like someone placed a mirror in front of me and showed me my suffering... my time with you remained a guide through my biggest challenge in life so far. I am forever grateful to you “ 

Jessyka P.

Thank you so much Yasmin, Your Soul Guidance Reading helped very much and you are 100% on with everything. You are amazing. xxx

Rarni B

"Yas has a genuine connection to worlds beyond our own. She is incredibly intuitive and has such a beautiful, caring warmth to her that makes you want to lose yourself in her presence. She truely has a gift whether it be her readings, healings or artworks. I love every experience I have with her and anyone who has the pleasure of crossing paths with Yas will too."

Talitha S.

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