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Lisa Bishop's Store

4/47 Conness St. Chiltern. Vic


Located in the heart of Chiltern, 30mins away from Wangaratta and Wodonga. 25mins from Beechworth and 15 mins from Rutherglen, in the Indigo Shire, North East Victoria. The Soulful Corner at Lisa Bishop's Store is a cozy little nook hidden amongst an inspiring display from the local Artists Collective. A wonderful hub of creativity,

where you are surrounded by unique gifts and amazing artworks of many different styles.   

Soulful Corner
Clearing toolsYLS
Crystals YLS
Candles by Green Goddess
Handcrafted Tools
Gypsy Nook

Available Services at the Soulful Corner.

About the Soulful Corner

The meaning behind the Soulful Corner is to create a place for you to open your heart, clear your mind and let go of worries.

A supportive nurturing space to assist you to connect with your true self. To understand your life challenges and rejig your perspective to help you action positive forward movement. When your soul is calling for clarity and your heart is ready to embrace change, the Soulful Corner is a spiritual refuge for personal insight encouraging connection and working with Earth Magic. Another bonus of the Soulful Corner is, simply by being present in the little gypsy nook, you will also naturally integrate an energy healing to assist you to process any messages you receive.

Your privacy is always assured at the Soulful Corner, my ethos is sacredness and sovereignty, integrity and truth.

What's available at the Soulful Corner?

*Soul Guidance Readings, either 30 or 60 minute session, where we will unravel any confusion you might be stuck in.

Breakdown the lessons behind any current or reoccurring challenges and then reconnect to your souls' guidance with practical action steps to support you on your path. Soul Guidance sessions assist you in deciphering any synchronicities you may be noticing as well confirming any hunches you have in your spidey senses.

*Energy Healings  are roughly 45mins. An Energy Healing is an opportunity to take a moment to breathe deeply, let go and allow the Universal Source Energy / Reiki, to flow through you. Dissolving blocks, tension and stuck energy in your auric field. Gently, clearing, balancing and realigning your energy centers and chakra's. Therefore creating a peaceful and lighter feeling in your body and perspective. Everyone's experience is different, come and try a session for yourself.

*Please Note* Energy Healings are currently on hold.
All sessions are available by appointment on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Click the request booking button above to arrange your preferred day and time.

The Soulful Corner also stocks a small selection of crystals, handcrafted energy tools and alchemy products to aid you on your transformational journey.  As well as Intuitive Healing artworks, infused with source energy and symbols.  

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