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Yasmin's Light Studio

Sacredness. Sovereignty. Soul.
The journey between who you once were and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place.
~ Native American Proverb
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Soul Recalibration

A Soul Recalibration session is an opportunity to reset back into your heart and soul, to feel whole again.

To be clear, balanced and in alignment with your true self. Receiving a combination of all healing modalities and soul guidance to set you back on your true path. You'll know when your ready for a Soul Recalibration because you've been having trouble sleeping, you're feeling lost and confused, and there seems to be a lack of direction as well as a heaviness that you can't seem to shake. Or maybe, you're about to make a big change and your old fears are rising up to challenge you, to test your resolve. Whatever it is that is blocking you from your true happiness, your joy, your divine right, a Soul Recalibration is required.      

There are no judgements, no expectations, only a safe space filled with pure unconditional love in which you are free to be you, in all of your authenticity. Sadness, grief, anger, frustration, however you feel, you are safe to express, acknowledge and release it.        

Yasmin combines all of her skills, gifts and modalities from the past 15 plus years, in her signature consultation, approximately 90mins in duration. Whether you book an In-Person or Online Session, the experience is the exactly the same energetically. The only difference is, In-Person visitors never leave without a heartfelt healing hug!  As apart of the Soul Recalibration experience, you have an option of investing in personalised alchemy tools to assist you spiritually and practically afterwards to use as part of your own self-care. Personalised alchemy tool kits are available as an added option. Please include your personal details when booking, and Yasmin will discuss the best tools with you during your consultation.

In-Person sessions are only available once a month in Greensborough, Victoria. these sessions fill up swiftly, so leave your contact details with me to go on the early bird call out.

For Online sessions, it is recommended that you create a quiet nurturing space by energetically cleansing your environment, have a glass of water handy, a blanket and pillow, and gentle music playing in the background. Turn all other distraction off.  A Soul Recalibration Session is roughly 90mins.

Online via Zoom Request Booking
In-Person Greensborough Request Booking


with Reiki and Intuitive Healing

Make time to restore your energy bodies to their natural state. 

We are all energy beings, our body is physical yet our soul and spirit are energy. Just like eating well, staying hydrated and exercise is great for the body and mind, regular energy clearings, balancing's and aligning of the energy centres and auric field will keep you in a positive flow and connection to your higher self. 

Both in-person and distant or absent healing are gentle and effective as we work on the ethereal plane.

You may or may not notice or feel an immediate change in your energy levels, as everyone is different and senses things differently. What you will notice is how relaxed you feel, how your perspective begins to shift slightly and how less stressed you are, over time.

Energy healing is like a soft giant bear hug. safe, protective and full of compassion and nurturing.

2 different options for Energy Healing.

1. Absent or Distant Healing : This option is from the comfort of your own home. We arrange a dedicated time where you will shut all the world out, yes, including technology, and take a nap for 30mins or so. During that time I will connect with you energetically, open a direct channel ethereally enabling you to receive healing. The benefits are the same as in person, see below, however afterwards I will check in with you and relay any messages or points of focus moving forward.

2. In Person at the Soulful Corner : Energy Healings are roughly 45mins. An Energy Healing is an opportunity to take a moment to breathe deeply, let go and allow the Universal Source Energy / Reiki, to flow through you. Dissolving blocks, tension and stuck energy in your auric field. Gently, clearing, balancing and realigning your energy centres and chakra's. Therefore creating a peaceful and lighter feeling in your body and perspective. Everyone's  is different, come and try a session for yourself.

What people say...

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Fiona M

Yasmin is one of the most authentic healers that I have come across; she walks her talk. She provides gentle loving support and guidance. I have seen Yasmin for many years now and thoroughly recommend her and her products,

I have given many as gifts. 

Carole M

Yasmin is blessed and has an amazing connection to spirits and angels and a healing with her is a transforming and uplifting experience.

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