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"Yasmin’s Spiritual Development course has allowed me to broaden my spiritual awareness in an environment that is non-judgmental and filled with unconditional love. I feel totally safe to explore my inner self and belief with the support of Yasmin and fellow participants. SD is truly a journey to uplift and to embrace gratitude and nurture ourselves. This is a journey for life...a life filled with exceptional love, happiness, and JOY! For this, I’m forever grateful to Yasmin. Namaste ~Lea"

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

~ Shelley M.

Spiritual Development with Yasmin has been an exciting, safe, and non-judgemental journey to the soul, within a beautiful and sacred group of participants. With a focus on unconditional love and positive healing energy, Yasmin has paved the way for us to connect with our highest selves. I now have a deeper understanding of the universe and my place within it. 

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