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Soul Restoration ~ Healing & Guidance

Powerful Distant Healing, Clearing, Balancing, Realignment and Personal Guidance ~ 8 days.

  • 16 hours
  • $380 ~ 1 week
  • 8 nights of Powerful Distant Healing in your own home

Service Description

Soul Restoration is a highly effective, efficient, and transformational process. Intentionally it is to provide a safe supportive healing space for your Soul to work with you in making the changes necessary to create a healthier lifestyle, more in alignment with your higher self and well-being. The current mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial health climate, in the collective consciousness, has expanded the need for Distant/Absent healing sessions. Soul Restoration is an 8 Day intensive distant healing program. During which you will receive 4 nights of intense energetic healing. Night 1. Clearing, night 2. Balancing, night 3. Aligning, and night 4. Boosting. All while your energetic field/spiritual bodies are held in a safe supportive space to assist your body, mind, and soul to integrate and improve your vibrancy. With your permission, my guides, and I assist you by working in collaboration with your higher self to clear, transmute, balance, and align you. To ground your spiritual body and recalibrate your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. As a result, you will be less scattered/ overwhelmed, or anxious and confused, and less reactive to your environment. The aim is to maintain a calm, peaceful perspective as you step into your observer self, supporting yourself by creating clear boundaries, improving your self-love and self-care After each intensive healing session, scheduled prior to, I will send through information, messages, and practical action steps to help you in maintaining your Soul Restoration. Aside from feeling better, more vibrant, and balanced in life, which is ultimately the desired outcome, the reasons why you may want to book in for a Soul Restoration is 1. You haven't had any healings with me before, especially distant/absent. 2. You have had healings with me before but it has been a long time between visits and boy are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. 3. You just know, you're out of sorts, and you're struggling to find your center, peace, and calm. To begin the 8-day intensive distant healing program book a Discovery Call or send an email, so we can discuss your needs and schedule in healing times. The investment is $380. PayPal or Direct Deposit. Code: SR8D"Name" Bank details are found in the Manual Payment option when booking.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24hrs in advance. Otherwise, a 30% booking fee will be retained.

Contact Details

Chiltern VIC 3683, Australia

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