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Yasmin's Online Circles are a safe, supportive, sacred space to embrace your truth, embody your heart & soul, and empower your higher self. 

Meditation is the backbone of all spiritual practices, whether you prefer to sit crossed-legged, chant, dance, walk, draw or write, your intention is focused on the present moment. Making time to BE in the present moment, in your intuitive flow, is a practice that is unique to everyone. 

Yasmin offers 3 different Online Circles, each one a sacred meditation space;

*Actives' Meditation - Dance Circle

*Creatives' Meditation - Intuitive Art Circle

*Journeyers' Meditation - Guided Healing Circle

Currently, the Online Circles occur once a month, with a view to increase to fortnightly, overtime.

As with all meditation practices, clearing and setting your space with intention is a must. You might like to read, "Tips for Creating a Supportive Meditation Space", blog. 

To make the most out of your meditation practice, there are different materials or tools that may be required. 

Suggestions for Dance Circle 

Suggestions for Intuitive Art Circle

Suggestions for Sacred Tools

Actives' Meditation - Dance Circle

Feel supported in our Online Dance Circle, where we dance like no one is watching, shake out emotional blocks and move with intuitive flow.

A 90-minute session including techniques and reflection time.

For more information and to book your spot 


Creatives' Meditation - Intuitive Art Circle

Feel safe in our Online Intuitive Art Circle, where we open our creative channel, heal with colours and express our intuitive flow. A 2-hour session including, clearing, aligning and intentional healing art. 

For more information and to book your spot


Journeyers' Meditation -Guided Healing Circle

 Feel sustained in our Online Guided Healing Circle, where we cleanse our energetic field, send healing to Mother Earth and embrace our intuitive flow. A 1-hour session including oracle message and blessing.

For more information and to book your spot

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