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Intuitive Astrology-Moon Cycles-Tarot- 12mth Course

Course Outline

Calling all practitioners and deep connecters.

In 2020, during a beautiful meditation, I was guided to undertake a new project with crystals, sun & moon cycles, and astrology. The project went for roughly 12months and was a wonderful learning experience that deepened my knowledge. As a result I now have an exciting new tool that requires a little more research and development, of which I need assistance.

For this reason, I am inviting you, energy workers & deep connectors to participate in a 12month journey of learning about Astrology, Moon Cycles and Tarot.

If you have worked with me before you'll know I love to include, playful, tangible and most importantly intuitive aspects in any workshop or course that I offer. So, as well as a monthly meditation and fortnightly check-ins, also included in the 12 month course is a monthly tool kit - yes, samples of the new spiritual tools that I have created, to assist in the learning and further development. Without going into too much information about the spiritual tools, as you'll learn more about them when we start, each month we will be focusing on the energies of the zodiac sign, and all that entails, house, planet and associated tarot card. eg; Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is in the 1st house of the birth chart, it's ruling planet is Mars and it is connected to The Emperor in the tarot. 

Now to honour the research and development of these powerful spiritual tools, your commitment is required for 12mths, along with your feedback and participation. I understand that life happens and things pop up, which may mean you're unable to attend 1 monthly session, however if you feel, that you will miss more than 2months in a row, I suggest this particular course is not for you at this time. The nature of these tools requires us attending and gathering on each New Moon cycle. The dates of which will be confirmed, but are roughly, give or take a day;

*Wed 22Mar     *Thu 20Apr    *Sat 20May    *Sun 18Jun    *Tue 18Jul    *Wed 18Aug    *Fri 15Sep    *Sun 15Oct    *Mon 13Nov    *Wed 13 Dec    *Thu 11Jan    *Fri 9Feb    *Fri 8Mar     - Ideally aiming to gathering in person on the last session.

Each monthly session will be LIVE on Zoom and will be approximately 3hrs in duration.  There is also a private group that you will have access to via the website, where we will share and support each other and have regular check-ins. 

What you will need is: *Rider Waite Tarot deck    *"Tarot & Astrology" Book by Corrine Kenner   *Note book    *Clear Quartz Crystal for meditation    *Your Birth Chart

The investment for the Intuitive Astrology-Moon Cycles-Tarot 12 month Course is only $700 plus $50 for postage for the year, and with your promise to participate and give monthly feedback. That is a total of $750.

This course will not be offered at this price again.

There are only 7 spots available, and a deposit of $250 is required on booking. Payment plans can also be arranged.

We will begin in March with a Housekeeping and getting to know you session,

before we officially kick off in April on the new moon eclipse. 

Prior knowledge of Astrology, Moon Cycles and Tarot is a bonus but not necessary.

What do you gain from the 12 month course?

Let me first preface this by stating, I am not an Astrologer.

I am a Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master/Energy Healer and Psychic Intuitive.

You will gain a greater connection to your Intuition, your inner wisdom and your higher self. You will also gain a more well rounded understanding of Astrology and how it influences us. You will develop a more spiritual perspective on your life and the journey of your soul. You will also have fun playing with tarot, please note we won't be working with every card in the tarot, but feel free to explore that with the "Tarot and Astrology" Book by Corrine Kenner.  Most importantly you will enhance your understanding of energy and therefore embody your true self.


I would love for you to join me and assist in the refining of a new spiritual tool that will be a wonderful benefit for all, while learning more about interesting topics and enhancing your personal development along the way.  

In sacredness, sovereignty and soul.  Namaste, Yasmin

Are you interested in participating? 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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