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Suggested Art Materials

Head over to Riot Art and Craft Online by clicking the link above, or the image below. There you will find all the art and craft supplies you'll ever need, want, and desire not just for our Online Creatives' Meditation Sessions and Intuitive Art Playshops, but for all your creative projects. 

I am able to offer my Online Circles & workshops, at a more cost-effective price as 

I am part of an affiliate program with Riot Art and Craft Stores. 


A visual diary or journal is a great way to keep all of your intuitive art drawings safe & together neatly. I like to use A3 size paper as it gives you more room to express yourself. My favorite is the Eraldo Black paper Visual Diary and the standard white paper. Cartridge paper pad is great too. 

As you become more familiar with soft pastels, I do suggest investing in a Pastel Paper Pad, the paper has a rougher tooth, or texture to it which grabs the pastel better.

pads pic.png

Other items.

Information coming soon.


We use both Oil & Soft Pastels during our Online Creatives' Meditation. 

I recommend the Mungyo 24 packs as a great product to start with. The colour collection is great and they have a good texture.

The Art Spectrum soft pastels are lovely to work with, they are rich in colour and extra soft, a great pastel to use when you're feeling a little more confident. 

Click on the picture below to take you to the Pastel Page at Riot Art & Craft Online Store.

pastel pic.png


Information coming soon.

coloured pencils.jpe


Suggested Paints for specific Online Intuitive Art Playshops. Information coming soon.

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